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I started a private investigator blog many years ago and haven’t paid much attention to it for the last few years. It seems like as someone who likes to be hands-on, not to be confused with micromanager (insert laugh here), since I began this career out in 1994 I’m either really focused on process serving or really focused on private investigations. I have found that I enjoy the process serving far more.
So, sitting on my patio at home tonight, I pushed my dinner plate aside and propped my feet up on my fire pit table (no fire ignited) and thought it might be a good time to start a process server blog. 
Last week I had a birthday, and the older one gets the more you reflect and think a little more methodically. And the more you’re arrogant enough to think that you might know more than the youngsters around the industry. 
I got home around 7:30 this evening after trying a few process service cases tonight. These particular ones were about an hour out of town and for collections. It made me reflect not only on my experience as a process server but also working as a debt collector for a high-risk finance company.  
I guess some of my other case is to serve or not as difficult as these; not that they are easy. But serving people lawsuits for collections is much more challenging than many other serves. Many people feel backed into a corner and know that this dead is hanging over their head. Some I have gotten very used to lying about it, but most lies are really flimsy. 
Without identifying any of the details, I knocked on someone’s door and they denied being the person that I was trying to serve. I asked how long they had lived at this location and was told 3 to 4 months.  
I couldn’t exactly demand an identification so I think them and walked back to my car. But my tenacious nature didn’t want to give up. I knocked on a neighbors door nearby.
I asked the neighbor if he knew the people at that address and if he knew how long they had lived there. Obviously, I didn’t tell him why I wanted to know. He could assume anything that he chose to.
He told me that they lived there at least as long as he had lived in his house which was three years. That’s all I needed to know. If someone’s lying about how long they had lived at an address then they are probably also lying about their identity.

Now, as for this blog, I don’t have any concrete plan as to how often I will be blogging. I don’t want to feel obligated to write something just for the sake of writing.
And I don’t want to be pigeonholed into just writing for process servers. Although, I know my colleagues well and we have similar “war” stories.
I hope that some of this will be fascinating reading for those who have no intimate knowledge of process serving. Prior to this career, my first job out of college was in radio news. I feel like I’m somewhat of a writer at heart. So at times this may not even be about process serving. I may just go off on how the news media has change so much since my days as a reporter, anchor, news director and radio talkshow host. 
So this is my introductory blog post. Some days it might be informative. Other days it might be entertaining. And still other days it might just be drivel. Let’s hope it’s more entertaining than anything else.  
We will visit again soon. 


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