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Baby Lisa Irwin - 11 Years Later

This weekend marks 11 years since Baby Lisa Irwin was last seen in Kansas City, Missouri.  It is almost a sure bet that there will be a brief story on one or more of the area's television stations with the parents showing what they purport to be an age-progressive photo.  In my opinion, that is very disgraceful. The days that followed October 3/4, 2011, the parents hibernated. They did not appear to go to the police station and fully cooperate, which would also have diverted suspicion of culpability of knowledge from themselves. I do not pretend to know who is responsible for Baby Lisa's death or disappearance.  Nor am I dumb enough to accuse any one person.  But I still believe she died that night.  As a parent, I know that if I believed my child was kidnapped, I would be the biggest pain you ever saw.  The day the cadaver dogs hit on the a spot in the Irwin parents' bedroom floor, I was on the phone with Mark Klaas who's daughter Polly Klaas was abducted in 1993.  Mar