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Try A Little Kindness

I think a lot of folks have gotten a little COVID crazy.  As I drive my normal routes, people are cutting others off in traffic to the extent of narrowly escaping accidents. I always tell my process servers when process serving that they should be nice to people.  Sometimes people are not nice back.  However, that is fine as long as it does not keep us from completing our job as a process server . Since starting process serving in 1994, I have had a variety of experiences.  Using the terms "Yes sir" and "Yes Ma'am" go a long way. Sometimes people still say very unkind things to me.  That is not a huge deal unless they are trying to keep me from doing my job.   I realize some folks do not want to be served, but it is not an option and we are not the plaintiffs initiating the action.  But what we can do as a process server is be non-judgmental and be respectful.  Hopefully, that will get us respect in return.  When hiring someone to work for us, I always say I