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Our New Process Server Blog

I started a private investigator blog many years ago and haven’t paid much attention to it for the last few years. It seems like as someone who likes to be hands-on, not to be confused with micromanager (insert laugh here), since I began this career out in 1994 I’m either really focused on process serving or really focused on private investigations. I have found that I enjoy the process serving far more. So, sitting on my patio at home tonight, I pushed my dinner plate aside and propped my feet up on my fire pit table (no fire ignited) and thought it might be a good time to start a process server blog.  Last week I had a birthday, and the older one gets the more you reflect and think a little more methodically. And the more you’re arrogant enough to think that you might know more than the youngsters around the industry.  I got home around 7:30 this evening after trying a few process service cases tonight. These particular ones were about an hour out of town and for collections. It made